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Our ISSN:3042-4399 (registered by the Swiss National Library)



The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique eight-digit code used to identify periodicals and serial publications. It plays a critical role in the academic and publishing industries for several reasons:

1. Unique Identification
The ISSN provides a unique identifier for serial publications, which helps distinguish between publications with similar titles. This unique identification is crucial for libraries, databases, and cataloging systems to accurately track and manage serial publications.

2. Simplified Cataloging and Indexing
Libraries and databases rely on the ISSN to streamline the cataloging and indexing processes. The ISSN ensures that each serial publication is easily searchable and retrievable, facilitating efficient management of library collections and electronic resources.

3. Improved Accessibility
With an ISSN, serial publications become more accessible to a global audience. Researchers, scholars, and readers can easily locate and cite publications, enhancing the visibility and reach of the content.

4. Enhanced Credibility and Professionalism
Having an ISSN adds credibility and professionalism to a publication. It signifies that the publication adheres to international standards, which can attract contributions from reputable authors and recognition from academic and professional communities.

5. Simplified Legal Deposit and Copyright Registration
An ISSN simplifies the process of legal deposit and copyright registration. Many countries require publications to have an ISSN for legal deposit, ensuring that the publication is preserved and made available for future generations.

6. Facilitated Linking and Cross-Referencing
The ISSN facilitates linking and cross-referencing between different serial publications. It enables the creation of comprehensive databases and citation indexes, which are essential for academic research and scholarly communication.

7. Essential for Digital Publishing and Metadata
In the digital age, the ISSN is crucial for managing digital publications and their metadata. It helps in the creation of digital object identifiers (DOIs) and other digital identifiers, ensuring that electronic serials are accurately tracked and accessed.

The ISSN is indispensable for the efficient management, accessibility, and credibility of serial publications. It serves as a fundamental tool for libraries, publishers, researchers, and scholars, ensuring that serial publications are easily identifiable, accessible, and professionally recognized in the global academic and publishing landscapes.

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