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A Study on Understanding Project Success through Time & Cost Management

Abstract of the Student #Thesis: Shanawaz Nizamuddin Khan

This study examined the factors related to the successful completion of a project and the role time and cost management plays. The research brought to light the most common factors and illustrated that nearly every factor directly considered time and cost management influenced a project manager and their ability to control time delays and cost overages. The results of this study demonstrate that time and costs are the two most critical factors in bringing a successful completion to a project. The research also demonstrates that the project managers do not fully understand the extent to which they have control or influence over the time and cost elements of a project. The researcher believes this is a factor in the lack of success. With a p value of 0.000 it was clear that time and costs are critical factors that should be considered when evaluating the success of a project. This indicates that an emphasis is needed to address the importance of building these factors into the pre-planning stage with more realistic numbers and dates when working on the estimates.

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