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Change Management Impact on Total Quality Management Implementation: The Case of ECOBANK Burundi.

Abstract of the Student #Thesis: Cynthia Médissa Kaze

Ecobank Burundi faces significant competitive pressure from domestic banks, necessitating stringent cost control and improvements in quality and operational efficiency to maintain profitability. To achieve long-term success and organizational resilience, many organizations, including Ecobank Burundi, are adopting change management practices. In this context, Total Quality Management (TQM) serves as a strategic tool to meet customer requirements within the banking sector in Burundi.

The primary objective of this study is to understand and explain the paramount importance of quality in banking and how effective leadership and optimal management of the change process can achieve and sustain total quality. The literature review will explore theories and models related to Change Management and TQM, emphasizing that the adoption of TQM ensures banks can manage quality and remain profitable by exceeding customer expectations. The implementation of TQM must be guided by leadership style and organizational culture.

As Ecobank Burundi's top management formulates and implements TQM, this study's principles must be considered to enhance profitability and competitiveness. The researcher focused on critical elements to facilitate data collection and analysis, discussing and describing the research design and procedure, population, sample and sampling procedures, research instruments, data collection procedures, limitations, and data analysis techniques used in the study.

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