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Contemporary Issues in Business Management


Business management is a broad field encompassing various aspects of organizing, planning, and analyzing business activities. This paper explores contemporary issues in business management, including leadership, strategic planning, and the impact of globalization. The research draws on recent literature to provide insights into effective management practices and challenges faced by modern businesses.


Business management is a critical function in any organization, influencing its success and sustainability. This paper aims to explore contemporary issues in business management, focusing on leadership, strategic planning, and globalization. By examining recent literature, the paper provides a comprehensive understanding of these topics and their implications for businesses today.

Literature Review

Leadership in Business Management

The role of leadership in guiding organizational success (Northouse, 2021).Different leadership styles and their impact on employee motivation and performance (Goleman, 2020).

Strategic Planning

The importance of strategic planning in business management (Bryson, 2018).Techniques for effective strategic planning and implementation (Mintzberg, Ahlstrand, & Lampel, 2020).

Impact of Globalization

Globalization and its effects on business management practices (Friedman, 2019).Strategies for managing cross-cultural teams and international operations (Hofstede, 2021).


Analysis of the key themes from the literature review.Case studies highlighting successful business management practices.Challenges and opportunities in contemporary business management.


Summary of the key findings.Recommendations for future research and practice in business management.


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