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The Contemporary International Manager: The Changing Dynamics of Global Leadership

Abstract of the Student #Thesis: Antonella Manca Mangoff

The last two decades have brought about significant changes that have not only provided numerous opportunities for expanding global businesses but have also introduced immense challenges affecting global management, competency and skill development, human resource management, and educational systems and institutions (Barlett & Ghoshal, 1994). The acceleration of globalization and the increased interdependence of the world's economies, coupled with unprecedented technological advances and other global trends, have directly influenced how businesses operate internationally and how global managers successfully navigate the evolving global landscape (Harvey, Speier, et al., 1999). This study critically examines the roles of global managers in the 21st century and how changes in the international business environment have reshaped their responsibilities and the essential skills and competencies required for success. It also evaluates current methods and programs implemented by global organizations and educational systems to prepare future global executives. Furthermore, it seeks to provide solutions to the critical challenges that pose significant obstacles to the success of 21st-century global managers worldwide.

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